Hey there! Olivia here, founder & creator of Hopped Up. 

Olivia Founder

I’m a Marine Corps veteran, beer nerd, tattooed mom, and business owner. 

I fell in love with craft beer while working at a local brewery when I returned to Boston after my service. I found a welcoming environment where I could feel at home after the Marines and where day beers were encouraged. Beyond the delicious and endlessly creative beer, I discovered an industry that is always working to help its local community, care for the environment, and give back. 

Hopped Up, at its core, was created to give back. As a veteran who has struggled with mental health, some of the only relief during difficult times was getting a beer with a buddy and being able to talk freely. So I decided to build a brand around that idea. While Hopped Up celebrates all the reasons why we get together with our buddies to share a pint, it also serves a greater purpose.

Service members pledge their lives to something greater than themselves. Visible or not, they come home with injuries that need mending. A good talk over beers can’t mend these injuries, but as a community we can work together to find real solutions. You can learn about our #DrinkGoodBeerDoGoodDeeds campaigns here.

Besides, beer is best enjoyed after a day of good work. The beer you know you’ve earned. Cheers!


Questions? Please, reach out to hoppedupsupply@gmail.com